Gold House Certified Homestay in Thiruvilwamala, Kerala

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Anamala Homestay

Every vacation is a chance to create a lasting memory of a passing moment. To treasure the occasion of spending quality time and getting closer to your loved ones. Pass down a memorable episode from one generation to another. Build a story worth sharing with peers and friends. And that’s where Anamala Homestays come in; To set the right ambience and mood for your stories to unfold. Simply said, a cosy abode to make memories.

Anamala Serenity - Homestay

Prepare to travel back in time in this 70-year old ancestral home, which is situated in the quaint little town of Thiruvilwamala in Kerala. With walls made of mud blocks, floor tiles from Chettinad, this is one of the few holiday homes in Kerala

Kerala Homestays' Features

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Warm Hospitality

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Home Cooked Food

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Environmentally Conscious

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Peaceful Locales

Why Choose Us ?

  • A complete nature oriented staycation
  • Walks you through the ancient routes and traditions
  • Allows you to witness the art & culture closely
  • Authentic home cooked meals
  • Scenic locations and the finest hospitality