What people says

I stayed at Anamala Homestay for 3 days for my son's wedding, and I must say that the experience was simply unique. Words cannot do justice to the comfort and hospitality we received during our stay. The accommodation, food, and assistance provided to us exceeded our expectations, and we will cherish these memories forever.

→ Vijaya Kumar

Vijaya Kumar

What a beautiful place to be! A 70-year-old house renovated into a stunning homestay, offering a perfect blend of traditional charm and modern amenities. Enjoy delicious food, a great ambience, and a neat and clean environment. Truly a landmark of Thiruvilwamala.

→ Manoj Kumar C

Manoj Kumar C

Anamala Homestays: Serene surroundings, Instagram-worthy interiors, and delightful homemade food create a perfect escape. A hidden gem for those seeking tranquillity and aesthetic bliss.

→ Nirmala Sudharshan

Nirmala Sudharshan

If you want to experience Indian culture, farming, mud pottery, handloom weaving of Mundu & Saree, and traditional Kerala performing arts like Tholpavakoothu, Thiruvathira, Poothan, and Thira, don't wait any longer – visit Anamala Homestays in Thiruvilwamala, Kerala. The staff at Anamala was courteous, and the hospitality in the dining room was wonderful, making our stay a great and comfortable experience.

→ Sudarshan Kumar V S

Sudarshan Kumar V S