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Serenity and heritage combine to provide an unforgettable stay in the lap of nature at Anamala Homestay. A building that has witnessed history for about eighty years, it incorporates flourishes of Kerala’s wood architecture and modern amenities that a contemporary traveller would wish for, making it one of the best holiday homes in Thiruvilwamala in the process.

Located in the tranquil village of Thiruvilwamala in Thrissur, the homestay is also renowned for the delicacies on their menu. They range from dishes rooted in the local tradition to continental fare. Graced by a beautiful rustic scenery, the homestay near Thrissur in Kerala is a perfect place to unwind while creating lasting memories.

But it’s as much the village that makes a stay here an essential part in the traveller’s itinerary . So let’s look at the most fascinating places in and around Thiruvilwamala that you could enjoy while staying at Anamala. 

Places and experiences to enjoy in and around Thiruvilwamala 

Punathoor Fort

Located not far from the famous Guruvayoor Temple, the Punathoor Fort boasts the presence of about fifty elephants as permanent residents. You can count among them some famous members who often add an elephantine regalia to temple festivals across Kerala. Highly recommended, especially if you have kids with you. 

Rabbit Mark Modern Rice Mill 

Modernity may have changed Kerala’s agrarian culture to some extent, but that doesn’t mean producing high quality rice is a thing of the past in the state. Case in point- the Rabbit Mark Modern Rice Mill, famous for bringing traditional rice variants to life using the best of modern technology. Observing the various steps involved in the process at the mill is fascinating in its own right. 

Sree Vilwadrinatha Temple 

Among the most famous landmarks in Thiruvilwamala, the temple is steeped in spirituality and enchanting beliefs, like the idea of a spiritual rebirth by making one’s passage through the nearby punarjani cave. The temple has stood as a beacon of faith for centuries and boasts a graceful architectural style replete with vibrant sculptures. The proximity to the temple is one reason why Anamala Homestay is one of the best holiday homes in Thiruvilwamala

Varikkasseri mana

Among the oldest Namboothiri illams or manas(a mana is a grand house), this structure offers a glimpse into a past that is not so easily visible in most parts of Kerala. Strolling on the serene grounds while enjoying its imposing architecture is an experience takes you across time. Anamala being a homestay near Thrissur in Kerala you can easily take a ride to the mana and enjoy its timeless beauty. 

Thottumukku check dam 

A scenic staple in rural-oriented films from South India, the check dam though is not to be found in every district. But at Thottumukku, you can. Being one of the best holiday homes in Thiruvilwamala you can take a ride there from the homestay. There, enjoy the sight and sounds of gurgling waters that pass through a landscape blessed with the kind of flora that inspires poets. 

Kerala Kalamandalam 

Established in 1930, the Kerala Kalamandalam is a premiere institute for learning traditional artforms of Kerala. It’s where master proponents of various arts that form a huge part of Kerala’s cultural identity transfer their knowledge to the newer generations of artists- a process that is almost as intriguing to observe as the actual performances. You can interact with the students and the masters, take in the traditional architecture of the institute’s edifice and come away enriched with rhythmic tunes from musical instruments and dance movements that are as sublime as they are meaningful. 

Kuthampully Handloom Village 

Situated some fifty kilometres from Thrissur is one of the most unique self-contained villages in not just Kerala but the whole of India. The Kuthampully Handloom Village boasts the presence of some six hundred families engaged in production of handwoven ‘kasavu’ sarees which are famous across the subcontinent. Being a homestay near Thrissur in Kerala a trip from Anamala to the handloom village is not long. 

The weavers follow the traditional weaving methods using wooden handlooms, just as it has been practised down the centuries. Historical origins of the weavers in the village remain obscure. But according to legend, the original weavers were bought over from Karnataka to cater exclusively to the court of the Kochi king. Presently. Today,  more than three thousand people are directly and indirectly employed thanks to this ongoing tradition. Walking down the lanes of a village where the sole objective is to create masterpieces in silk is an experience that might summon a half-forgotten folk tale. 

Organic Farm 

With health concerns from consuming spurious foods becoming more common, organic farming is frequently touted as a viable solution, and for good reasons. Producing chemical-free foods using purely organic measures, the process also reduces the waste generated from farming. You can witness its beauty and the meaningful practices that underlie an organic farm close to this homestay near Thrissur in Kerala. 

Pottery making 

The beauty of certain things cannot be easily replicated by other means. Pottery is a prime example of this. To watch an object of beauty taking shape right in front of your eyes from something as mundane-seeming as mud is a wondrous experience. 

Near to the homestay, you can watch artisans bringing to life elegantly crafted objects using a traditional pottery wheel and furnace. It’s downright magical to watch how a lump of mud is transformed into something you would love to flaunt in your home. 

With so many wondrous experiences to savour, Homestay in Thirivilwamala is a unique place in the landscape of Kerala. And the Anamala Homestay is one of the best holiday homes in Thiruvilwamala to enjoy what the village has to offer the discerning traveller.

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