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Edgar Watson, the American novelist, beautifully quoted, “To be an ideal guest, stay at home.”

A homestay is a place where you are treated like a guest; a hotel is a place where you are treated like a client.
So to be more precise, what is a homestay?

Homestay is a concept of local lodging where the guest is accommodated in the family’s residence in a separate local quarter nearby.

In India, there is a well-known saying in Sanskrit verse, “Atithi Devo Bhava” translated it means “The guest is equivalent to God.” Indians are known for their hospitality, love, and warmth they provide for their guests.

There are many reasons to choose a homestay over a hotel, but today I will be sharing six reasons which will change your perspective on homestay forever.

1. Price: Everyone loves going for a vacation but who likes it when they get too expensive to afford? Hotels can be cheap but less likely to be clean and hygienic. The local residence will give you the best tips on places you can visit for a modest price, and it does not include any additional charges. Choosing a homestay helps you in managing your expenses which can assist you to spend on other activities like trekking, sightseeing, or visiting new places.

2. Meet new people: A family trip or solo traveling can add more fun to your plan when you meet new people, make memories, share thoughts with them which will be cherished for life. Local residents love to mingle and talk about their culture to their guests. You might end up making a new and truthful friend. The chances of such scenarios happening in hotels are implausible.

3. Home-cooked food: Food is a favorable form of hospitality for Indians. They have a wide range of cuisines which keeps changing according to the different cultures and locations. Hotels do serve good food, but there is nothing as good as food prepared at home. The beauty of experiencing different cuisines, the smell of fresh spices, and learning traditional methods of cooking from the people who inherited it from their ancestors, is altogether an exquisite feeling which you definitely don’t want to miss.

4. Local Culture: India is known for, “Unity in Diversity.” Imagine staying at a new place, where you witness local’s daily chores, food habits, and lifestyle. Indians have known for having unique cultural changes from state to state; there is a notable fusion of all cultures. Isn’t that something new to learn? Immersing yourself with the local culture, their lifestyle, and interacting with them can be a great learning experience for you.

5. Personalized service: Who doesn’t like customized services? At a homestay, the main focus is on you. Your likes and preferences, your comfort is their higher priority. And they will put in all the effort it takes to make you feel at home. You will be invited to local groups to meet new people, and you can explore local places. You can make the best of every moment you spend there as a local residence will guide and inform all the details you’ll want to enjoy.

6. Support local economy: By staying at a homestay and buying handicrafts made by the locals can add financial value to local communities. The amount you pay for the homestay is the money you are contributing to their livelihood. The hospitality, memories, and experiences are what you will take back and cherish. Supporting and buying from the locals is a great way of giving back.

Everything comes with its own pros and cons, be it staying at a homestay or a hotel. Preferably, staying at a homestay is a beautiful feeling and getting a home-like experience away from home is worth experiencing. Today, homestays are providing better accommodations than hotels at an affordable price with the added benefits of exploring local sights, food, and culture.

One such beautiful homestay is Anamala Homestay, they are known for warm hospitality, home-cooked food, environmentally conscious, peaceful locals, and much more. Build a story worth sharing with peers and friends.
Written by: Sahana Y

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