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Thrissur is considered as the cultural capital of Kerala, and for good reasons. But it’s not just the rich cultural heritage that you get to enjoy in and around Thrissur, but also the enchanting natural landscape for which Kerala is renowned. Also, if you know where to look you could find hamlets that look like time’s best kept secret- preserving customs which evoke an era when myths and reality intermingled more often than not. 

Take the holiday homes in Thiruvilwamala for an example. This village, perched on the shores of the majestic river Nila  lies some 47 kilometres from Thrissur town. It is a place where living traditions and a landscape that looks straight out of a folktale create an enchanting ambience for a visitor. It is also where you could find a great homestay near Thrissur in Kerala- the Anamala Serenity.

Anamala homestay is housed in a heritage building that has witnessed history for more than seventy years. The house combines traditional Kerala woodwork with modern amenities that the contemporary traveller would expect. Located in a landscape filled with lush hillocks, ponds, rivers and farmlands, it’s a space where the idea of unwinding takes on a whole new meaning.

Let’s now look at the various aspects that make Anamala a terrific homestay near Thrissur in Kerala for you to choose. 

Peaceful locale 

The homestay is located in a locality where rustic simplicity and quietude are the norm. The tranquil surroundings envelope you in a peaceful warmth as soon as you enter the premises. 

Delectable home-cooked food 

To taste home-cooked foods rooted in the regional cuisine, the homestay is arguably the best place to be. From delicacies favoured by Malayalis to dishes that are the cook’s special, a delectable treat awaits you- yet another fact that makes this a great homestay near Thrissur in Kerala to choose. However, if you prefer pan-Indian or continental dishes, the kitchen staff is more than equipped to cater to your taste. 

Warm hospitality 

A major factor that makes a homestay in Thiruvilwamala stand apart from a regular hotel is the personal and warm hospitality you can enjoy- and Anamala Homestay doesn’t let you down in this respect. Run by a business-owning couple one half of whose ancestors used to live in the same house which is now the homestay, you can enjoy here the renowned hospitality of God’s own country. 


From a tranquil garden flaunting vibrant tropical flowers to the farms and pond, the homestay is blended into its surroundings where the landscape is dominated not by concrete but nature. 

Close to great places to visit 

The homestay forms an excellent base for you to explore a host of amazing places that afford eye-opening experiences. Some of the major places of interest you can visit from the homestay include the following. 

Kerala Kalamandalam: The premiere teaching academy for traditional arts of Kerala where lessons on art get transferred from master proponents to the new torchbearers. A visit to the institute offers a ringside view of this fascinating process, while enjoying the temple-like architecture of the institute which was founded in 1930.

Kuthampully handloom village: Some six hundred families engage in the creation of traditional ‘kasavu’ garments here using handweaving methods that have been practised for centuries. It’s a unique experience to walk through a village that feels right out of the pages of history.

Sree Vilwadrinatha Temple: An iconic temple that boasts a history that goes back centuries, it is known for its elegant architecture and a rich blend of beliefs and customs.

Punathoor Fort: Elephant enthusiasts and animal lovers can have a field day here- a place that boasts about fifty elephants, many of them among the most prominent pachyderms that add pomp to temple festivals and other festive occasions across homestay in Kerala.

Aside from these, you can also visit organic farms, stroll down the bank of nearby river and witness artisans shaping beautiful pottery while staying at the homestay.

With a cluster of iconic places to visit, top class amenities and tranquil surroundings, Anamala Homestay promises a getaway that refreshes both the mind and body. For unforgettable moments in Thiruvilwamala, there is hardly a better place than this elegant homestay near Thrissur in Kerala

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