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India is arguably the most culturally diverse country in the world. But certain common threads are woven through the fabric of these cultures, one of which is to be hospitable -especially to travellers. This attitude is enshrined in ideologies like “Adhidhi devo bhava”- meaning “The guest is God.”

Among the places in India where travellers most frequently visit  is Kerala- a verdant land perched between the Western ghats and the Arabian Ocean. Its peculiar geographic location- with the mighty mountains on one side and the ocean on the other meant the state evolved unique cultural aspects in relative isolation for many centuries. This unique culture has also given an especially friendly ‘flavour’ to the hospitality which you can experience there. 

But the gateway to authentic Indian hospitality is not usually through a hotel but through homestays. Those aware of this often seek the best homestay in Kerala to enrich their travels. But if you are unsure of their merits, here are how Kerala homestays offer the most authentic Indian hospitality.

Get personal recommendations to go off the beaten tracks

Kerala counts as one of the most desired travel destinations in the world for good reasons. Certain places like Alleppey, with tranquil backwaters which look straight out of a fairytale, and Munnar, with its mist-capped mountains are too beautiful to be missed.

But that is not to say that such well-known destinations are the only ones worth exploring. There are plenty of places in Kerala that possess exquisite beauty but fall under the radar of most travellers.

The ones who are best equipped to direct you to such places are the locals. Homestays are valuable in this context since many of them are located close to under-explored but beautiful destinations; just ask the proprietors for advice, and they would be happy to help. In fact, the best homestay in Kerala would have this aspect as a hallmark.

Enjoy authentic regional cuisine

The phrase ‘authentic cuisine’ may appear on the billboards of many restaurants. But there is only one place from which truly authentic regional cuisine can originate- the kitchen of a home.

One of the greatest pleasures in staying at a homestay in Kerala is enjoying the delicacies of regional cuisine. Traditional Kerala dishes have a common characteristic across the state. But you can find variations and dishes that are unique to certain regions. Many homestays favour dishes popular in their own localities. This kind of specialised cuisine is rarely possible in more commercial establishments. In fact, any place worth being called the best homestay in Kerala should help you enjoy authentic regional cuisine.

Discover a new way of life

An illuminating aspect of travelling is how it brings you in touch with people who lead ways of life quite different from yours. Interacting with them offers the possibility of learning and adapting from them aspects to improve the quality of your own life. And what better way to observe different ways of life than by living in the same house as them? 

That’s exactly what a homestay in Kerala offers- it brings you face-to-face with a lived culture in its daily glory. It’s an experience simply not possible with a hotel stay.

Enjoy hospitality of local communities

A hotel is a closeted environment with its own benefits. But it is rare for you to come in touch with the local communities while staying in one. Homestays, on the other hand, are places where the hosts are bound to be in close touch with their neighbours and others in the local community. It is not uncommon for the local communities to extend their hospitality to travellers at a homestay, which brings a unique warmth to the whole idea of the friendly neighbour.

Enjoy the finest homestay experience at Anamala House, Thrissur

The Anamala Serenity Homestay is the best homestay in Kerala to experience the finest Indian hospitality. Situated in the serene village of Thiruvilwamala which is steeped in legends and enchanting traditions, the homestay is a heritage house that is eighty years old. The grand architecture is complemented with modern amenities. The house is flanked by beautiful flower gardens. It is also in close proximity to the rivers and hillocks which adorn the village in a riveting splendour of green. 

At Anamala, you can experience the many elements that make up perfect Indian hospitality that we discussed before. Get a guided tour to the village, take trips to places of religious and artistic significance,enjoy time in nature trekking up a hill or canoeing in a river. Wind down with yoga in the beautiful environs of the homestay or enjoy the delectable fare on the menu. Put another way, a glorious treasure-trove of experiences awaits you here.

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