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Imagine a place where every new step takes you further into a seemingly enchanted place- the kind of place you might encounter in a folk tale than in the real world. Imagine discovering rituals and traditions that are charming and timeless- giving you the feel of having stepped back in time. Imagine also walking through a quaint laidback village where an entire population has dedicated their lives to one particular craft. 

Imagine evenings graced by vocal renditions of songs that have been passed down generations,soaring above a green-clad landscape blessed with rivers and mountains. The luxury of visiting such places from a comfortable abode makes hoemstaying an art unto itself.  Now, cease imagining and discover that place in Thirivilwamala- a verdant village lying north to Trissur, the cultural capital of Kerala. 

For your stay while visiting Thiruvilwamala, you probably wish for the best homestay in Kerala. Anamala Homestays is a strong contender for that position. It is a seventy year old heritage house that comes with all the modern amenities that the discerning traveller would wish for, making it a terrific homestay in Kerala. Discover the experiences that would make your stay a string of inspiring moments filled with wonders. 

Find abodes in the shape of your wishes

If offers multiple accommodation types depending on your requirements. For instance, the deluxe rooms give you a view of the lush green surroundings along with a wide plot vista. The premium rooms, on the other hand are a luxurious update on deluxe rooms. 

Among other amenities, it boasts a private balcony where you can unwind and relax to the sound of songbirds that fill the garden outside- the kind of relaxing experience that the Homestays in Thiruvilwamala simply must offer. The premium suite rooms are yet another type of accommodation available here. These are ideal for group stays, with luxuriously wide spaces nestled in brick-built cottages which are as nostalgic as they are cosy. 

Relish authentic regional flavours

The homely food that they serve is yet another reason that makes Anamala a must-visit for anyone looking for the best homestay in Kerala. Traditional Kerala dishes are a speciality here, especially the ones that are native to the region. A curious foodie can always experience eye-opening tastes as yet unexplored. If you prefer continental dishes, the expert cooks at this holiday homes in Thiruvilwamala are more than up to it as well.

Wake up to earthy wonders

The homestay is also nestled in a lush landscape with natural water-bodies, hillocks and farms not far from it. A walk under the golden evening sun is bound to take you on short but enchanting journeys to the heart of nature. 

Explore enchanting destinations

This homestay in thrissur town is perched close to an impressive array of destinations that should be in the bucket list of any traveller keen on exploring Kerala. We list some of the most important of them below. 

Nurture your soul at a spiritual haven

Sree Vilwadrinatha Temple is an iconic place of worship with a history that goes back by centuries. If you are looking for Kerala vacation rentals near Vilwadrinatha temple, there are hardly any better places than Anamala. You can experience colourful traditional temple rituals and customs, as well as musicianship of the temple artists. 

The nearby ‘punarjani cave’ is yet another destination of religious significance in the region. It is a tunnel system with an interesting belief associated with it- it’s thought that by passing through the cave, you get cleansed of your sins. For an unforgettable experience of the temple and the cave, you don’t have to look at any other Kerala vacation rentals near Vilwadrinatha temple other than Anamala. 

Discover the pulse of Kerala’s art

The Kerala Kalamandalam, the premiere institution for traditional Kerala arts including Kathakali, is also not far from this homestay in Kerala. Here, you can witness artforms being passed down from masters to its newest practitioners. The sounds and movements that accompany this practice are almost an art unto themselves.

Enter a village out of history

The Kuthampully Village is among the most fascinating destinations that you can visit while staying in what could be considered as the Homestay near Thrissur in Kerala. The village is comprised of weavers and their families. The craftsmen practise traditional weaving that goes back centuries to the royal era. The pristine silk that is produced here is widely desired around the world. So, while choosing  Kerala vacation rentals near Vilwadrinatha temple, by picking Anamala, you can enjoy yet another slice of living history in the proximity. 

Aside from these, there are myriad other attractions that you could visit from the Anamala Homestays. These include an organic farm, a traditional pottery workshop, a check dam, and many more. 

So whether you are looking for Kerala vacation rentals near Vilwadrinatha temple, or in search of the best homestay in Kerala, you have plenty of reasons to choose Anamala. With its old-school charm and presence in a slice of beautifully pastoral landscape it promises an experience unlike any other.

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