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When a family homestay in Kerala is just what you need, there are several places that you can visit. Among them, Thiruvilwamala is one that you should surely consider. This quaint, historical place offers a lot when it comes to rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. A good way to enjoy everything it offers is to look for short stay apartments in Thiruvilwamala that become a base for your exploration of the place.

As with any trip, a holiday well spent is only spent well if the arrangements made offer what they promise. That isn’t a problem with the options that you will find Thiruvilwamala offers. A family homestay can be planned and enjoyed with ease!

Some of the things that you should ensure with your selected place of stay are:

Greenery abounds:

Find a homestay that has wide green spaces (which there are plenty of in the region). The natural beauty is certain to soothe your senses and refresh your mind. The stress alleviation that comes with true natural surroundings is something you can only experience once you are in the thick of it.

Well-spread menu: 

Food is an important part of your time away from the madness of urban life. Make sure you get to enjoy the local cuisine and outside cuisines. While exploring a more relaxed self and a new place, adding a menu to the mix only makes the adventure more memorable. While the food may not be authentic, you will have a chance to alternate between eating light and heavy meals, and eating satisfying meals in case local cuisine doesn’t sit well with your eating habits.

Service reputation:

Look at the reviews of homestays for how previous customers felt about them. Look for green and red flags about delays, quality, and addressing of concerns.  Spot room orders (food) being served long after being ordered and issues with the room quality (electrical especially) needing to be addressed, among the important ones.

Tradition & Culture: 

A homestay that is soaked in history will always more likely be better than a ‘modern’ one. It offers more in terms of experience as opposed to only modern comfort-based hotels. That’s something you can find in any hotel. Seeking something you haven’t experienced before, and may not experience in another place, makes a stay way more memorable.

Comfort Focus: 

Putting your mind at ease means getting most of what you ask for. Look at what homestays offer in terms of facilities and extended facilities. If you’re going to get pampered, you may as well get pampered all the way. Ask about, or look for how extraordinary requests are entertained. 

Anamala Homestays, a family homestay in Kerala, is one place that satisfies all these factors and more. It’s nestled in greenery, rooted in tradition, and brimming with hospitality. The charm of its history invites you and keeps you wanting more. To add to it, the spirit of hospitality it offers makes your stay memorable.  

One of the ways to make a vacation easier is to make choosing a good homestay simple. That’s usually the first hurdle to making a happy holiday. The benefits should be clear the moment you browse through the website or brochure. 

The idea of staying in a particular homestay should be inviting from the moment you start considering and researching the option. The peace of mind you have about the property before making a choice is usually a good indicator of whether your stay will be what you expect it to be.      
We hope you find a good family homestay in Kerala that suits your tastes and budget, whether short-stay apartments in Thiruvilwamala serve your vacationing needs or not. Remember that choosing the right place is half the job done. Just keep it simple without compromising on your expectations.

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