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The name Kerala has become synonymous with tranquil backwaters and laid-back beaches which provide an ever-needed break from the bustle of modern living. Not surprisingly, tourists are increasingly flocking to God’s own country to get away from the inevitable stress of a fast life.

But to experience the best the Southern state has to offer while choosing holiday homes in Kerala, you would do good to pick homestays. Travellers choosing homestays over conventional hotels is becoming something of a trend in Kerala. Let’s look at the reasons for this phenomenon. 

Friendly hospitality

Keralites are renowned for their courteous attitude towards travellers. This cultural aspect is partly due to the state’s long-standing preoccupation with tourism, which has been one of its prominent industries for decades. But it also has its roots going farther back in time, thanks to the national ideal of ‘Adhiti devo bhava’ which has always been enthusiastically adopted in the state.

Nowhere is the personal warmth of such courtesy more visible than in a family homestay in Kerala. Not to take anything away from a hotel experience, but the ‘trained’ nature of courtesy you experience in hotels could feel superficial, which in turn affects the quality of your stay. So while searching for holiday homes in Kerala, choosing a family homestay in Kerala is the best way to enjoy authentic hospitality.

Authentic foods

Talking about authenticity, a major thrill of travelling is exploring the different local cuisines. Now, providing so-called regional foods has become something of a cottage industry, with some vendors even hiring cooks with absolutely no experience making regional dishes, all the while claiming to provide ‘authentic’ food. But for authentic dishes that live up to their name, a family homestay in Kerala is hard to beat.

Such holiday homes in Kerala often have members of the household or other natives preparing the food. More often than not, they have been doing the same for decades and hence possess experience in regional cuisine that others can’t match. So, for the taste that lingers in the mouth while being true to tradition, choose a family homestay in Kerala.

The fact that Kerala has a rich and varied culinary culture makes this prospect even more enticing - something that many travellers to God’s own country have already discovered.

Go beyond the typical destinations

As mentioned earlier, tourism has been rife in Homestays in Kerala for a long time now. A few destinations have gained prominence in the visitors’ minds, like Alleppey, Munnar and Kovalam. Such places are certainly worth visiting.

But they are by no means the only destinations that inspire awe in a traveller. Many such offbeat locations, you could explore only by staying in homestays which are often located far from established destinations. So, if you are looking for unique travel experiences while choosing holiday homes in Kerala, Anamala homestays should be the centre of your focus. 

The Anamala Homestay is a case in point. It is located in the tranquil village of Thiruvilwamala, located in Kerala’s cultural capital, Thrissur. If you Google the best places to visit in the state, that name may not be part of the list. Nonetheless, it is an unforgettable destination rich with rustic beauty and is also home to centuries-old temples where living traditions go back to before recorded history.

It is also close to such unique wonders as a  weaver’s village where almost every family has at least some members practising handloom weaving- a legacy that can be traced back to the princely era. Another gem in Kerala’s cultural landscape- the Kalamandalam, where traditional arts are taught- is also not far from the homestay.

By staying at the offbeat location of Homestays in Thiruvilwamala, you can enjoy a unique experience that typical destinations don’t allow you. At the same time, you can visit places that should be on the list of any curious traveller. In other words, it gives you the best of both worlds.

Enjoy safety 

Homestays, by definition, are run by families. And the typical members of a household- including kids and the elderly all form part of your hosts. Such aspects make family homestays some of the safest places for travellers- especially relevant for solo travellers. As homestay is becoming more common in Kerala, more people are discovering this aspect, thereby increasing their popularity even more.

The assurance of a friendly atmosphere, clubbed with unique locales and authentic cuisine has made the best homestays in Kerala much sought-after. If you haven’t experienced what they have to offer yet, you are in for a treat of a new kind.

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