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In the mundane urban life, where the screeching noises and irritable chaos reign, a serene atmosphere is a timeless refuge. Thiruvilwamala, situated in the northern terrain of Thrissur, is more of a temple town, filled with natural beauty. Anamala homestay in Thrissur is your answer to the relentless pursuit of inner peace. Homestay in Kerala should radiate positive energy, Anamala homestay in Thiruvilwamala is surrounded by temples, transforming your whole visiting experience. 

Thiruvilwamala is the best place to visit if you are looking for the perfect blend of cultural anthropology and spiritual heritage. Let's look at five temples you can visit near our sanctuary. 


Vilwadrinatha Temple. 

One of the four major temples in Kerala dedicated to Lord Rama is nestled on the top of a 100-foot-tall hill. The majestic flow of Bharathapuzha, the second-largest river in Kerala, is visibly stunning from the temple. 

Caption: Inside Vilwadrinatha temple

The temple is the abode of two shrines – one facing the eastern side and the other facing the western side. The god Hanuman shrine is placed on the southern side, outside the Nalambalam. He is the gatekeeper of the temple dedicated to Rama.


Vilwadrinatha temple hosts five poojas daily, with three Sreeveli caparisoned by the temple elephants. Experts believe that the oldest recorded history of Kerala vacation rentals near Vilwadrinatha temple dates to the period of Cheramaan Perumal, and this cultural sanctuary’s history dates to 392 AD when Cheramaan Perumal gave the land to Perumapadappu Swaroopam(the kingdom of Cochin). 

The temple legend goes that the hilly village of Thiruvilwamala got its name from Vilwadrinatha temple, which is located just 2.8 KM away from Anamala homestay. 


Sree Parakkottu kavu Devi temple. 

A few minutes' walk from the Sree Vilwadrinatha temple gets you to another culturally significant temple. Sree Parakkottu Kavu Devi is prominently known for its festivals. Every year, the temple ‘Thalapoli’ takes place on the final Sunday of the Malayalam month Medam (during May), where the idol of the main deity is featured on top of decorated elephants accompanied by music and magnificent fireworks. Three neighboring villages – Padinjattumuri, Kizhakkumuri, and Pampady, engage in a spirited yet friendly competition. 


Pazhayannur Bhagavathy Temple. 

Pazhayannur Bhagavathy temple might just be the only shrine that can be called the ‘Rooster Temple’. The mystery around this name goes back to the legends of the kingdom of Cochin when the king embarked on a spiritual journey to Kashi (Varanasi) to worship the goddess Bhagavati. After attaining her blessing, he requested the goddess to accompany him to Holiday homes in Pazhayannur, accepting it, goddess Bhagavati took the form of a hen. 

Caption: Roosters in the temple cella.

Still, to this day sacrificial roosters are reared and given as offerings. You can visit this unique temple 9-10 minutes from Anamala homestay in Thiruvilwamala. 


Ivor Madom Parthasarathy Temple.  

Caption: Devotees performing Bali Tharpanam (offering oblation for the departed).

Are you interested in the Kurukshetra war in Mahabharata and the mythologies of the five Pandavas? Then, this spiritually significant temple on the southern banks of Bharathapuzha is your go-to place. This place is said to be the place where Pandavas restored their sanity from the agony of the Mahabharata war. Bharathapuzha is believed to have cleansed them of all their sins and even now devotees in Kerala visit the temple to perform the last rites for the departed. 

Ivor Madom Parthasarathy temple, in which the Ivor means five people and Parthasarathy refers to the form of Lord Krishna as the charioteer of one of the Pandavas. You can visit the temple from our homestay in Ivor Madom in the traditional Mundu for men and women entering the temple in Saree or Set Mundu (traditional clothing worn by women in Kerala). 


Sree Chinakkathoor Bhagavathi Temple. 

The temple is known for its festival, Chinakkathoor Pooram, with the majestic procession of 28 tuskers. During February and March, you can reach the Pooram in just 16 minutes. Chinakkathoor Pooram is the best place for the art buff in you.

 The festival is highlighted with traditional Kerala art forms, whether it be performing or orchestral arts. The festival starts with ‘Kuthirakali’ and even the devotees ceremoniously bring 16 models of Kuthira (horse) and Kaala (bull) to the temple.

Caption: Kuthirakali as part of Chinakkathoor Temple.

You might even love to reach the festival earlier to see the puppet shows, which precede about two and a half weeks from the concluding festivals.   


Each temple resonates with its rich history, architecture, and devotion. Temples can capture the cultural structure of a place; they can narrate the legends from history and nourish us from the tiresome urban life. 

At Anamala Homestay, you can experience the spiritual wealth of Thiruvilwamala from eventful festivals and significant rituals. During your stay, you can explore temples like Mayannur Sri Kurumba Bhagavathy temple, Shirdi Saibaba temple, and Mangottu Bhagavati temple. This beautiful hilly village leaves a tremendous impact on your hearts with stories, hymns, and arts. The artistry of Thiruvilwamala is woven into the way the life of the people living there.


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